Deputy Country Manager

Posted 4 years ago

Responsible for ensuring that the entire Philippine office achieves their sales target

Stabilize and standardize all internal and external processes, workflow and governance determine staffing requirements

Hire and train new employees

Supervise direct reporting staff according to overall company policy

Apply strategic planning to determine company, department or unit objectives set employee goals and objectives

Develop staff to maximize potential

Monitor staff performance including performance reviews delegate work duties to staff to attain objectives

Monitor and assist employees with work progress

Evaluate current business processes and systems

Plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency establish and maintain controls

Formulate department/unit policies and practices

Coordinate financial and budget activities for maximum operational efficiency facilitate the preparation and analysis of reports

Review performance data (financial, sales and activity reports) to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels

Responsible for the achievement of department/division/unit productivity and quality goals

Qualification Standards

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent.

Experienced in ICT, IoT, Cybersecurity, Automation sectors either in System Integrator, Distributor or Vendor levels. Previous sales experience with network of clients in the Philippines market.

Have teams directly reporting to candidate in past roles, preferably in a country managerial or multiple business unit lead role.

Team and business management experience. knowledge of business and management principles and practices knowledge of strategic planning

Knowledge of basic economic and accounting principles and practices

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